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About us

Meet Team Footsteps

Husband and wife team Arthur and Claire moved to Kefalonia in 2020, unable to resist our love affair with the island which had grown over many years, starting as a holiday romance in 2011. Without a great deal of research, we bought a little house with a big view in Farsa, never realising at the time that Old Farsa village even existed in the hills directly above our new home.

Discovering Old Farsa for the very first time was an unforgettable experience. The scale and beauty of the village ruins took our breath away. The views back down to the new village and out to sea made our jaws drop and the scents from the pine trees, spring flowers and wild herbs were simply heavenly. 

We knew that we had landed somewhere quite special.

In 2022 our team grew by one, with the addition of our rescue dog Lexi. Between the three of us we have walked all the pathways of the old village, been ‘off piste’ to explore some of the more difficult to reach areas and learned all we can about the history, buildings and lifestyles of the people who lived here. We would now like to share our special place with you


Meet Claire

Claire is the creative one. She looks after the finishing touches that make the Footsteps experience so special. Her smile and laughter are equally infectious. With a background in event organisation, Claire goes the extra mile to ensure all of our guests leave feeling special.


Meet Arthur

Arthur is the walker, talker and your official tour guide. He always wants to see around the next corner, eager to explore and discover something new. With a background in project management, Arthur ticks all of the boxes to deliver unforgettable experiences for our visitors.


Meet Lexi

Lexi is a bundle of trouble and your unofficial tour guide, she can, and does, go anywhere. Tenacious and single minded, nothing gets in her way. We adopted Lexi off the streets at eight months of age and she is now living her best life in the hills.

Our Mission

Our mission at Footsteps is a simple one. 

To share the beauty of Old Farsa with our guests whilst protecting the heritage and environment of this incredible place. We want people to enjoy our walks and to bring sustainable tourism to Farsa for the benefit of everyone, but never to the detriment of the Old Village.

We respect that the houses we walk amongst, and the land that we walk on, still belong to people.

We do not disturb, cause damage to, or remove anything from the buildings.

We leave any objects we find of interest during our walks somewhere safe, for others to enjoy.

We ensure that the pathways are walkable for our visitors without disturbing any original features.

We leave no trace of ourselves in the village. Anything we take with us we bring back with us.

We clean up after other people, removing litter dropped by others.


‘Old Farsa - Leave nothing here but your footsteps.
Take nothing away but your memories.’


Join us to explore one of Kefalonia's hidden gems on your next trip.
Contact us to request a place on one of our group walks or to discuss a tailor-made tour customised to your wishes!
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